All businesses and organizations have numerous data systems  and sources in which data is stored.
Exchanging data between systems from different sources in different formats is a challenge.
An intrinsic part of the extraction is to unscramble this data, followed by control/revise; simply clean up your data.


The Key Knowledge BOX  ONE extracts, transforms and loads data, through standard automated processes. From any source, to any target, in any format, any time and in all (big) quantities. Clean and complete data is
the foundation for any business, business decisions and execution.

The Key Knowledge BOX ONE contains a set of preprogrammed transformations, which are processed during the exchange. These standard data transformations contain a.o. currency, currency-format, date and date-format.


The Key Knowledge BOX TWO allows all kind of transformations, calculations, comparing and conversions of data to be programmed according to your business and technical needs. In some cases data is not stored in the same encoded way; this requires conversions to exchange or merge data into one clean and complete data set.
Legacy data and systems are no longer a problem.

The Key Knowledge Box is the solution to facilitate your migrations projects.
How to continue data exchange and secure the continuity of your daily information use, when your source or target system must change to a new version software or a complete new system.


The Key Knowledge Box contains 4 different scheme’s in which you can create connections and processes data; Development, Test, Acceptance and Production; DTAP. Your daily data exchange will continue to be processed in Production, while you create a new connection with the new version software or the new system.

Dramatic increases in merger and acquisition activities are raising challenges for ICT departments world wide. One of the major issues is rapid and accurate integrate large volumes of data from the systems of the acquired and the acquiring companies.


The Key Knowledge Box structurally links, exchanges and converts data between, applications that were developed at different times, with different technologies and types of format. This requires craftsmanship.
The essence is integrating systems instead of replacing them. Overlapping data is equalized between your systems. Historical data and actual data can be matched.

The management of your organization is always in need of better information. Data management includes all actions that make digital data findable, accessible and understandable. The Key Knowledge BOX  ONE and TWO can gather all relevant metadata from a variety of sources, structured and unstructured and store it in a central metadata repository. The Key Knowledge BOX THREE is that central meta-datawarehouse, a true spider in the web.


By using all three modules of the Key Knowledge Box you can master and manage all your data, create clean and complete data-sets which forms the foundation that allows your managers to make better decisions, flexibility to meet market changes and comply with requirements imposed by governments.

Web-services or Client-Server De Key Knowledge Box is beschikbaar in 2 versies; web-services (middels R.E.S.T. technologie) óf een client-server. ( zie Whitepapers: R.E.S.T. versus S.O.A.P. )
Log-in or Log-on Toegang tot de Key Knowledge box kan verkregen worden via een single sign-on,
een windows verificatie of via een KKB login.
Roles and Rights De Key Knowledge Box heeft een éénvoudig efficiënte beveiliging waarin de rollen en rechten per gebruiker of functie zijn in te stellen b.v. administrateur, designer, key-user.
Documentation Alle processen en programmering worden gedocumenteerd en opgeslagen in de software.
De “help” functie bevat een gedetailleerde uitleg.


De Key Knowledge Box bevat 4 onafhankelijk werkende schema’s waarin data uitwisseling en verwerking kan plaatsvinden; Development, Testen, Acceptatie en Productie.

Wanneer een systeem over moet naar een nieuwere versie of bij inzet van een geheel nieuw systeem, kan de bestaande verbinding blijven werken in  Productie terwijl u een nieuwe verbinding creëert in Develop waarna de uitwisseling en transformatie van de data in de nieuwe verbinding kan worden geverifieerd:  “Test”. Hierna volgt: Acceptatie waarna de nieuwe verbinding de oude kan vervangen in “Productie“, of de nieuwe simultaan loopt met de oude, zonder verlies van data en/of werknemers “zonder systeem”.


Follow the process
The thread-monitor gives you a digital audit report of every step in the ETL-process;
of all the tasks that are executed in a thread.


The Key Knowledge Box works “unattended”, that is why the thread-monitor dashboard shows you the activity of the key knowledge box.



Process data at any time

The schedule-monitor allows you to pre-programme, execute, follow and check
the ETL-processes, at set times.


You can extract, transform and load your data at any time; once a month or
even once every second; have your complete data “near to” real-time.
You can analyze your data as it moves- at any speed.


Sequential Flows – Process Flows – Multiple Flows – Multithread

The  Key Knowledge Box offers you the possibility to create automated sequential-flows and process-flows. Multiple flows (multi-thread) can be processed at the same time.


The flow-task monitor allows you to use parameters to instruct the Key Knowledge box what to do before and after execution, the results can be send to a key-user.



Structured and unstructured Data
The Key Knowledge BOX ONE is an universal Plug which extracts, transforms and loads data from and to a wide range of data-sources, in various file-formats.
From any source, to any target, in any format, at any time and in all (big) quantities. Clean and complete data is the foundation for any business, business decisions and execution. BOX ONE  is easy to use, allowing you to quickly exchange datasets and files through standard automated processes.


Automated data preparation
The Key Knowledge BOX ONE contains a transformer which includes standard pre-programmed functions specifically designed for data preparation.
The transformer offers a “ready to use” set of transformations such as currency, currency-format, date and date-format.



Calculate, Compare and Convert
It ‘s not an exaggeration to suggest that virtually any data-set will have errors or are incomplete. That is why the Key Knowledge BOX TWO; the Transformer “plus” offers you the possibility to  program and transform data according to your business and technical needs. You can transform incomplete, inaccurate data into a clean, complete and truthful data-set ready for any source or target, all near to real time;

  • Connect and exchange data from and to different hierarchy-structures within systems.
  • Compare and merge pricelists (historical and actual).
  • Calculate mark-ups and client linked discounts.
  • Convert historical to actual data.
  • Convert different types of  calendars (lunisolar, solar and lunic)


Store and secure all your unified data central.

The Key Knowledge BOX THREE is a multifunctional metawarehouse, a proven technology, capable of quick processing and storing your unified BIG data.
It allows data matching and linking information.


The BOX THREE can be used as a “stand alone” offering mayor security in migration and integration projects or in combination with BOX ONE and TWO,
forming a complete platform for Master Data Management.